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Indulge yourself with Madre Cacao's luxurious products.  Experience the purity and supreme, rich taste of our "chocolate like nature intended" in our fine-flavor chocolates.

Nourish your skin with Cacao Body Butter, because
"it makes the body better".

Finally a healthy, antioxidant-rich superfood that you can affordably enjoy.  Feed your body and mind with our true origin 100% Arriba Nacional Dark Chocolate from Cotopaxi Ecuador.  Bitter-sweet, fruity, full-flavored and totally balanced.  From Bean-to-bar, Madre Cacao uses only the finest premium hand-selected, specially fermented beans, roasted to perfection to produce our chocolate bars, brew, tea and whole bean products.  The cocoa farm is closely overseen for quality by worldly renown Swiss expertise, and our chocolates are crafted by Italian Master Chocolatier in Ecuador.

Authentic, full-flavor, all-natural chocolate as it has been made for decades.

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Cacao Flower

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